Rothsport-designed Intake Systems

When it comes to air-cooled Porsche 911 engines, sometimes we like to create our own recipe. Getting air into the engine is one of the most critical areas we have taken great quantities of time to develop.

Slide Valve EFI

The slide value configuration represents the ultimate in performance and racing engines by providing exceptional intake performance and throttle response. The throttle slides are CNC machined out of aircraft alloys and feature a modular design which allows either trumpet or plenum intake systems. The slide actuating systems has an innovative design to prevent inclusion into the intake stream. The system can be sized for all 6-cylinder air and water cooled engines.

This system incorporates a simple throttle linkage assembly which is designed to utilize the stock throttle rod.

System Includes:
Additional Items Required:

Slide Valve Assemblies
Intake Manifolds (2 or 3 bolt heads)
Intake Trumpets (Velocity Stacks)
Air Cleaner Adaptors, Baseplates, & Filter Assembly
Billet Throttle Linkage
Fuel Rails
Fuel Pressure Regulator Housing

Fuel Injectors
Fuel Pressure Regulator
ECU Unit
ECU Wiring Harness
Misc. Sensors (i.e. Crankshaft, MAP, Temp, etc.)
Crankshaft Trigger Wheel



High Butterfly MFI

Rothsport now offers replica high butterfly throttle bodies for MFI Porsche engines. These units are constructed of the highest quality magnesium castings and are supplied with all the required linkage necessary for installation on a MFI engine configuration.

High Butterfly MFI available with either 41mm Intake Ports (appropriate for 2.5ST and 3.0RS engines) or 43mm Intake Ports (3.0RSR engines).


Rothsport Big-Bore

The Rothsport Big-Bore EFI kit is a wonderful thing, employing Porsche's GT3 air plenum to feed our proprietary individual throttle bodies. Please call for a consultation.