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Billet short shifter assembly for 964/ 993 2WD cars only. CNC machined from 6061 aircraft alloy and anodized. Unlike the factory and aftermarket shifters our shifters are double shear instead of single shear providing a more precise superior feel shortening the throw by one inch.

Please Note: Early model 90-91 964's will need to have the round bushings in the shifter console replaced with the later style oblong bushings/ bearing sleeves. The holes in the console will need to be enlarged at the top so the oblong bushings will fit. At the bottom of this page we offer a kit with both bushings and a metal template for making this update.

964/993 Billet Short Shifter
Clear Finish
SKU: RS-006C
Price: $395.00
964/993 Billet Short Shifter
Black Finish
SKU: RS-006B
Price: $395.00
964 Shifter Bushing Kit
Price: $65.00

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