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This kit was originally designed by Porsche and fitted to the 993's that came with the optional 18" wheels. It is a recommended upgrade for any '92-'98 964/993 car regardless of tire size.

Please Note: The steering racks on '89-'91 964 are different then later 964 and 993 cars. The hydraulic lines slightly interfere with the placement of the brace so the lines need to be gently pushed/ bent and the brace needs mount with the flush side down to accommodate.



'92-'98 964/993 Steering Rack Mount Reinforcement
SKU: RS-160

Price: $65.00



In our opinion the steering in 964/ 993 cars has always felt squishy as a result of the steering rack not being firmly mounted to the chassis as it is in the earlier '65-'89 911's and later model 996/997 cars.

Made from high quality Kevlar reinforced urethane, these bushings dramatically improve steering rack stability over the factory rubber units. For best results, we also recommend installing a Rothsport Steering Rack Brace.

Installation takes approximately 1 hour.



'89-'98 964/993 Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings
SKU: RS-161

Price: $43.00
Currently "Out of Stock"


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