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The front light units are designed for backdating: converting an impact bumper car to the earlier pre-1973 shape. The lamp units fix directly to impact-bumper front wings and are moulded to accept pre-impact sidelight and indicator lenses. There is also an air intake moulded into the horn grille section, which some backdaters building ST- or RSR-style 911s have used to feed cold air to oil coolers mounted in the front corners.

Manufactured in non-rusting composite and finished in reflective white gelcoat, the EB backdate light units come with bulbs and bulbholders. The parts can be painted body colour and fitted as a simple addition, or fixed to the wing with gaps filled and the complete wing painted. They are shaped to match other EB backdate parts, including matching bonnet and a choice of front bumpers.

EB Motorsports - Backdate Front Light Units
(Sold in Pairs)
SKU: EB-xxx
Price: $Call



Rothsport is proud to offer the best lightweight fiberglass tailight assemblies we have ever seen!

Imported from the UK, these EB Motorsport signal assemblies have molded edges for the stock rubber seals and threaded brass inserts for lens screws.

This is a great way to reduce weight on the back of any track or street car.
A pair of factory assemblies weigh 7.5 lbs. while this pair of lightweight assemblies weigh only .89 lbs

EB Motorsports - Lightweight Assemblies (Pair)
Price: $470.00

EB Motorsports - Lightweight Assemblies (Right)
Price: $235.00

EB Motorsports - Lightweight Assemblies (Left)
Price: $235.00


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