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Slide Valve MFI Injection
High Butterfly MFI Injection

An excellent reproduction of the 1974 RSR slide valve induction system. Fits all classic 911s.

This German-made system has several improvements over the original factory parts, including higher quality bearings and tolerances.

The EB Motorsport Porsche slide throttle intake system is track-proven and requires little maintenance, nowhere near as prone to the sticking throttle issues of the original parts.

The standard system has 46mm bores, but can be supplied with other sizes on request, to suit engines including 2.3, 2.8, 3.0 and above.

Modelled on original parts, the EB High Butterfly Intake System retains many historic features, which other reproductions omit on the basis of production cost and engineering complication.

EB Motorsport high butterfly throttles include individual balancing screws, brass linkage bushes with grease nipples at the transmission end and original-style webbing between the stacks for added strength.

Initially available with 43mm Intake Ports and 50mm butterflies to suit Porsche 911 3.0 RS and RSR engines, EB high butterflies come with all the linkage parts required for installation on a MFI Porsche 911 engine.

EB Motorsports - Slide Valve MFI
SKU: EB-MFI-Slides
Price: Call

EB Motorsports - High Butterfly MFI
SKU: EB-MFI-High-Butterfly
Price: Call


Imported from the UK, this EB Motorsports 911 RSR Oil Tank is a perfect reproduction of the original works tank!

Copper plated, this RSR tank has a 10% higher capacity than a standard 911 oil tank, reducing chance of oil surge/ starvation and lowering oil temperatures.

This is a truly unique part both in appearance and performance!

EB Motorsports - RSR Oil Tank
SKU: EB-RSR-Oil-Tank
Price: Call


Excellent reproduction of the BOSCH twin plug distributor with advance, uses later SC internals instead of original style points. Custom made to connect with 6 and 8 connectors, Bosch HKZ.

Suitable for the vast majority of twin-plug classic Porsche engines.


EB Motorsports - Bosch Twin-Plug Distributor
SKU: EB-Distributor
Price: Call

Spark Plug Retainer Kit
Plug Lead Holder Kit

Description Coming


EB Motorsport plug lead holder set for Porsche 911 engines.

Suitable for all air-cooled Porsche flat six engines, each kit is comprised of five large rings, which can hold six wires each, and three smaller rings holding three wires each.

Made in the UK, these will organise your spark plug cables and give your engine bay a lift. 

EB Motorsports - Spark Plug Retainers
SKU: EB-SparkPlug-Kit
Price: Call

EB Motorsports - Plug Lead Holders
SKU: EB-PlugLeads-Kit
Price: Call

Racing Oil Filter Console
Racing Thermostat

The Racing Oil Filter Assembly is EB’s most complex part to date, with development encompassing 3D scanning, solid modelling and rapid prototyping. Careful machining of the detailed castings leads to a breathtaking showcase of EB Motorsport’s technical ability.

As with the original part, the main filter housing and cap are chromate-coated cast magnesium. All original manufacturing details have been faithfully reproduced: from the cork gaskets to the spring rates of the pressure relief valves. Each assembly has been pressure tested, with the pressure relief valve set to a nominal 100psi.


This is EB Motorsport’s authentic reproduction of the Porsche 911 RSR pressure relief valve (PRV).

Cast from an original PRV before machining to accept bespoke internals also modelled on the original part, the EB Motorsport PRV works in conjunction with EB’s high-capacity oil tank, to bring historic RSR oil systems back to period specification.

EB Motorsports - Racing Oil Filter Console
SKU: EB-OilConsole
Price: Call

EB Motorsports - Racing Thermostat
SKU: EB-Thermostat
Price: Call

MFI Support Arm
Engine Oil Diverter

The EB Motorsport fuel pump support arm for Porsche 911 RS and RSR mechanical fuel injection systems.

As fitted to our own cars, this is the highest quality available. Protectively plated in authentic colours for an early engine bay, includes anodised oil take-off block with spacer, copper washers and hand finished through bolt.


Diverter plug for Porsche 911's as used on all racing engines without engine mounted oil cooler. Cast in magnesium, with a chromate finish as per the original.

EB Motorsports - MFI Support Arm
SKU: EB-MFISupport
Price: Call

EB Motorsports - Oil Diverter
SKU: EB-OilDiverter
Price: Call

Performance Airbox for Slide Injection
911 Cylinder Cooling Tin

Manufactured from light weight composite with no apparent seams, this ar intake system features a K&N high performance filter which can be easily removed. Air is drawn from the open face at the front, but there is a second intake at the back, which allows for another input for air from an external NACA duct or similar. The EB Motorsport Porsche injection airbox system features neoprene seals around the intake face. It is held securely in place by quick-release springs.

The EB Motorsport Porsche injection airbox system features neoprene seals around the intake face. It is held securely in place by quick-release springs.


Hand crafted from sheet aluminium with a mild steel T-bar, the EB Motorsport cylinder cooling tins recreate the shape and efficiency of the Porsche 906 and 911R racing barrel tins.

Suitable for use on all 2-litre 911 engines, we have sold many sets of these authentic barrel tins with very good feedback!

EB Motorsports - MFI Support Arm
SKU: EB-MFISupport
Price: Call

EB Motorsports - Cooling Tin
SKU: EB-CoolTin
Price: Call

225mm Fan Housing
225mm Fan Fiberglass Shroud

Reproduction of the original 225mm (also known as 226mm/229mm in some quarters) ’small fan’ housing, used on engines from the Carrera 6 to the 911 RSR. Cast in aluminium, machined and anodised black for an authentic look.

Includes electroplated strap.

EB Motorsports -225mm Fan Housing
SKU: EB-225mmFan
Price: Call

EB Motorsports - 225mm Fan Shroud
SKU: EB-225mmShroud
Price: Call


Imported from the UK, this EB Motorsports lightweight fiberglass Shroud and Engine Tin is the best we have ever seen!

Light honey amber in color, these parts are formed in a two piece mold resulting in accurate shape and texture similar to the tin used on factory race engines like the 911 RSR.

These parts are very strong with nut plates used where necessary and weight is 6 lbs less than the steel tin and factory shroud!

EB Motorsports - Lightweight FiberGlass Engine Tin
SKU: xx
Price: Call


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