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Finned 917/911 RSR brake calipers, as used on the 1973/74 RSR’s.

Extremely high quality German reproduction, researched to the ultimate degree and cast to aerospace standards in moulds taken from a sectioned original caliper.

These brake calipers use the correct sized pistons: 43mm in the front and 38mm in the rear. The rear calipers are prepared, ready to fit the RSR-style manual handbrake mechanism.

EB Motorsports - RSR Brake Calipers
SKU: EB-RSR-Brakes
Price: Call


Exact reproduction of the brake disc mounting bells, as on the Porsche 911 3.0 RS and RSR.

CNC machined and anodised as per originals, with steel backing rings and fasteners. Put them on the car or on display in your living room!

These are sold in pairs (front and rear), and etched with the EB logo and our part number. Look for the EB logo to know they are genuine.

EB Motorsports - Front Disc Mounting Bell
SKU: EB-BrakeBell-Front
Price: Call

EB Motorsports - Rear Disc Mounting Bell
SKU: EB-BrakeBell-Rear
Price: Call


Our first RSR was built using an RSR engine brace sourced elsewhere. At the first engine rebuild, we noticed the engine brace - the mounting bar which spans the rear of the car between the engine mounts - had twisted/distorted at the mounts, so we decided to make an EB version with reinforcements at this point.

Our product designers did a detailed finite element analysis with our CAD software, which projects where structures bend or twist, and indicates the distribution of stresses and displacements.

We could see where the problems were occurring and our own version of the engine brace solves these issues. We have run these engine support bars on our own cars for a number of races and there is a subtle difference, but more importantly a greater confidence in reliability.

With all edges and welds dressed, the EB Motorsport engine support bar is finished in satin black powder coat. Looks great and a bargain price!

EB Motorsports - Competition Engine Brace
SKU: EB-EngineBrace
Price: Call


Strut brace kit for all Porsche 911 models to 964, including correct fitting weld-in brackets and the correct length brace made from T45 with spacer brazed in.

All as per the originals. A number of sellers claim to supply authentic weld-in mounts: we tried a few and they did not fit without grinding!

Ours are a beautiful fit. Supplied as produced, they are ready for painting once welded in. Some finish the crossbar in body colour, while others choose satin black.

EB Motorsports - Chassis Strut Brace Kit
SKU: EB-StrutBrace
Price: Call


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